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MG-CDCellDetectorPro: Professional Wide Area Cellphone Detector
US$810.00 US$699.00
MG-CDPRO Professional Camera Detector
US$799.95 US$699.95
MG-LMCDProSD: Compact Professional Camera Hunter with Wireless Recording
US$680.00 US$650.00
MG-LMDVR1000: Lawmate Touch Screen DVR
US$899.00 US$748.00
PE-CMS-11 Countermeasures Set
US$915.00 US$815.00
PE-CMS-15 Countermeasures Set
US$1040.00 US$940.00
PE-CPM-700 Counter Surveillance Probe and Monitor
US$2075.00 US$1975.00
US$849.00 US$749.00
PE-HD Portable Mini Digital Video Recorder
US$690.00 US$575.00
PE-Inspection Tools for Non-linear Junction Detectors
US$3540.00 US$2840.00
PE-Live View SecureShot Exit Sign
PE-Live View SecureShot Personal Air Purifier
US$679.99 US$569.99
PE-NEW! SecureShot Blu Ray Player With Nightvision and Pre-Record D1
US$619.00 US$519.00
PE-NEW! SecureShot NightVision Iphone 5 Clock Radio/Docking Station (Lightning Dock) Covert Cam with Motion Activation and Pre-Record D1
US$699.99 US$569.99
PE-ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator
US$16700.00 US$16000.00
PE-Professional Radio Frequency (bug) Detector and locator
US$1195.00 US$1095.00
PE-Secure'Shot HD Live View High Definition Smoke Detector With WiFi Live View and IR NightVision
US$749.99 US$619.99
PE-SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P Ipod Dock Clock Radio Camera/DVR with Night-vision
PE-SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition Blu-Ray DVD Player DVR with WiFi Live Viewing from PC, Iphone or android
US$819.99 US$619.99
PE-SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition Ipod Dock (iphone 5) SD DVR with WiFi Live Viewing from PC
US$719.99 US$619.99
PE-SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition Mini Air Tower Purifier SD DVR with WiFi Live Viewing from PC, Iphone or android
PE-SecureShot Rock Covert Camera/DVR (Dual)
US$659.00 US$559.00
PE-SecureShot Rock Covert Camera/DVR (Nightvision)
PE-SecureShot Wall Clock Covert Camera/DVR (Color)
US$619.00 US$519.00