Personal Security

MG-IDPI: Private Investigator Identification Card
US$15.00 US$11.95
MG-IDPro: Professional Investigator Identification Card
US$15.00 US$11.95
MG-IDPS: Process Server Identification Card
US$15.00 US$11.95
MG-IDRepo: Repo Identification Card
US$12.50 US$10.00
PE-2.4 Ghz Wireless Oscillating Fan Covert Camera (Color)
US$425.00 US$325.00
PE-Checkmate test with UV Lamp
US$99.95 US$50.00
PE-Hand Held UV Detection Lamp
US$49.95 US$29.95
PE-NEW! SecureShot Blu Ray Player With Nightvision and Pre-Record D1
US$619.00 US$519.00
PE-NEW! SecureShot NightVision Iphone 5 Clock Radio/Docking Station (Lightning Dock) Covert Cam with Motion Activation and Pre-Record D1
US$699.99 US$569.99
PE-NEW! SecureShot Nightvision Standard Size Touch Lamp with 6 Second Pre-Record
US$599.99 US$399.99
PE-Scanwand Hand Held Metal Detector
US$160.00 US$110.00
PE-SecureShot Blu-Ray DVD Player Hidden Camera - Digital Video Recorder All in One
US$499.00 US$399.00
PE-SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition Blu-Ray DVD Player DVR with WiFi Live Viewing from PC, Iphone or android
US$819.99 US$619.99
PE-SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition Ipod Dock (iphone 5) SD DVR with WiFi Live Viewing from PC
US$719.99 US$619.99
PE-SecureShot NightVision Air Freshener with PIR Motion Activation and 1 Year Battery
US$599.99 US$499.99
PE-SecureShot NightVision Cedar Bird House Camera/DVR with 1 Year Battery
US$499.99 US$399.99
PE-Self-Guard Pocket DVR w/4 Camera Docking Station
US$355.00 US$275.00
PE-SL-100 Professional Safe Line Telephone Analyzer
US$300.00 US$229.99
SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition Utility Box SD DVR with WiFi Live Viewing from PC, Iphone or android. AC/DC Operation includes 50 Hour Battery Pack.
US$719.99 US$619.99