MG-CCBullet: Lawmate HD Sports Cam or Car Dash Cam
US$315.00 US$299.00
MG-CDCellDetector: Lawmate Cell Phone Detector
US$450.00 US$319.00
MG-CDLD: Laser Camera Detector Discontinued
US$145.00 US$99.00
MG-CDLM10: Lawmate Wireless and Wired Camera and RF Detector
US$210.95 US$149.00
MG-HatCamLM: Lawmate Hat Cam*
US$320.00 US$280.00
MG-HCCordCam: Lawmate Hidden Camera Cord Cam
US$499.00 US$399.00
MG-HCDigitalThermo: Lawmate Digital Thermometer Hidden Camera
US$310.00 US$295.00
MG-HCiCharge: Lawmate Covert iPhone iPod iPad Charger
US$355.00 US$345.00
MG-HCLMCell900: Lawmate Cellphone Hidden Camera with HD Recording
US$479.00 US$369.00
MG-HCLMCoffeelid: Lawmate Coffee Cup Lid Hidden Camera
US$449.00 US$349.00
MG-HCLMPhoneCase: Lawmate Cellphone Hidden Camera Case with HD Recording
US$389.00 US$299.00
MG-HCLMThermos: Lawmate Thermos Hidden Camera
US$395.00 US$295.00
MG-HCOutlet Hidden Camera Outlet
US$469.95 US$349.00
MG-HCPower: Lawmate Covert Power Plug Camera
US$399.00 US$299.00
MG-HCPowerHD: High Definition Lawmate Covert Power Plug Camera
US$445.00 US$345.00
MG-HCPowerPlus: Lawmate Covert Power Plug Camera Plus
US$450.00 US$345.00
MG-KCLMAudio: Lawmate Audio Keychain Recorder
US$190.00 US$179.00
MG-LM200Black: Lawmate Telephone and Voice Recorder 4GB
US$170.00 US$159.00
MG-LM300: Lawmate Full HD Pocket Camera*
MG-LM300mini: Lawmate Miniature Pocket Camera
US$175.00 US$169.00
MG-LM480: Lawmate Glasses Hidden Camera
US$395.00 US$295.00
MG-LMAlarmClock1080NV: Lawmate HD Hidden Camera Alarm Clock with Night Vision
US$495.00 US$395.00
MG-LMBCBook: Wired HD CCD Camera in a Book
US$210.00 US$195.00
MG-LMBU20: Wired HD CMOS Button Camera with Audio
US$349.00 US$249.00