Counter Surveillance

MG-CDB200: Compact Wireless Cellphone Bug Detector
US$299.99 US$269.00
MG-CDCellDetector: Lawmate Cell Phone Detector
US$450.00 US$319.00
MG-CDCellDetectorPro: Professional Wide Area Cellphone Detector
US$810.00 US$699.00
MG-CDLM10: Lawmate Wireless and Wired Camera and RF Detector
US$210.95 US$149.00
MG-CPBugBlock: Cellphone Bug Blocker
US$299.00 US$269.00
MG-LMCDProMini: Compact Professional Camera Hunter with Display
US$500.00 US$454.00
MG-LMCDProSD: Compact Professional Camera Hunter with Wireless Recording
US$680.00 US$650.00
MG-LMCDSignalPro: Lawmate Signal Wireless Detector
US$510.00 US$495.00
PE-Advanced Transmitter Detector
US$485.00 US$385.00
PE-Advanced Video Camera Detector
US$365.00 US$265.00
PE-AJ-34 Audio Jammer
US$279.00 US$179.00
PE-CMS-11 Countermeasures Set
US$915.00 US$815.00
PE-CMS-15 Countermeasures Set
US$1040.00 US$940.00
PE-CPM-700 Counter Surveillance Probe and Monitor
US$2075.00 US$1975.00
US$849.00 US$749.00
PE-Digimaster DTMF Tone Decoder
US$295.00 US$195.00
PE-ER-4000 Phone Manager Plus
US$75.00 US$40.00
PE-Inspection Tools for Non-linear Junction Detectors
US$3540.00 US$2840.00
PE-ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator
US$16700.00 US$16000.00
PE-Professional Radio Frequency (bug) Detector and locator
US$1195.00 US$1095.00
PE-SIM Recovery PRO
US$100.00 US$60.00
PE-SpySure PC Monitor
US$100.00 US$60.00
PE-Transmitter Detector II
US$317.00 US$217.00
PE-TT-46 Advanced Wiretap Detector
US$442.00 US$342.00