PE-NEW! SecureShot Blu Ray Player With Nightvision and Pre-Record D1

PE-NEW! SecureShot Blu Ray Player With Nightvision and Pre-Record D1

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Play your favorite Blu-Ray movies or standard DVDs and "keep an eye on things" while away.

NEW! D1 Pre-Record: Motion activated DVR’s take 2-3 seconds to start recording after motion is detected. If a subject is walking past the camera view quickly, they will likely be missed entirely. Pre-Record eliminates that possibility by adding 6 seconds of pre video to each motion activated event file before motion is triggered. Even fast moving subjects are captured on video, with seconds to spare. Now a standard feature on all SecureShot plug-in models.

This totally functional Samsung Blu-Ray player has a built in hidden camera and DVR which will record up to 160 hours of color motion activated video. DVR operates even if the DVD player is turned off. Full Resolution D1 (720 x 480 @ 30fps) real time video is recorded on a small SD card located on bottom of unit. All recording are Time/Date stamped.

System is shipped in "plug & play" mode. Simply plug it in, and its working. No complicated programming required. It even has a 4Gb SD card already installed. User settings are easily changed by simply connecting the unit into the "Video in" of your TV/Monitor via the supplied RCA cable and pressing the menu button on remote control. Motion activation sensitivity is adjustable to operate effectively in most any environment.

Two Playback Options - Recorded images/video can be played back directly from the unit by simply connecting the included RCA cable to your TV/Monitor and touching the play button on IR remote control. SD card can also be removed from unit and played on your PC via included SD card reader


  • Blu-Ray player
  • Remote control
  • 4Gb SD card
  • SD card reader (USB)
  • Video out cable.
  • Instruction manual.



Name NEW! SecureShot Blu Ray Player With Nightvision and Pre-Record D1
Camera Type Infra Red
Image Resolution Full Resolution D1 (720 X 480 @ 30fps)
File Format H.264
Mini. Illumination .00 Lux
Storage 32GB SDHC Card Support
Recording Time 5 Hours per 1Gb
Image Frame Rate User adjustable from 5 to 30 fps