MG-VRBluetooth Voice Recorder with Bluetooth Capabilities

MG-VRBluetooth Voice Recorder with Bluetooth Capabilities

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The VRBluetooth is a professional grade telephone and cellphone voice recording device*.  
Simple set up. Plug into a wall jack and pick the recording quality mode that suits the situation. Set it to automatically answer, and you can go about your day. Or listen in with the included earbuds.
Durable.  Many voice recorders are fragile, but the VRBluetooth has a durable metallic molding that protects it from most accidents.
Adjustable quality settings. Manage the trade-off between quality and recording time when choosing between extra high quality(XQ), high quality(HQ), standard quality(SP), and long play(LP). The long play mode can record for up to 283 hours (a bit longer than 11 days).

Several recording options.  Set a timer for automatic recording at a specific time, or set to voice activation mode. 

Built-in Bluetooth. Allows for easy cellphone recording via Bluetooth Sync.

Easy file management.  Its MP3 and WMA recordings transfer easily to your PC via the built in USB port.



    • One button recording
    • Telephone recording
    • Adjustable quality settings
    • Built-in microphone and speaker
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Voice activation
    • Retractable USB port
    • Metal housing
    • Timer based recordings–  allows for automatic recording
    • Bluetooth Sync– Quick and easy recording for cellphones via bluetooth


Technical Specs

    • Storage: 4GB Internal storage
    • File format: WMA, MP3, ACT
    • Recording time:
      • LP: 283 hours
      • SP: 141  hours
      • HQ: 70  hours
      • SHQ: 47  hours
    • Battery life: Up to 17 hours 



    • 1 x VRBluetooth
    • 1 x Instruction booklet
    • 1 x Wall adapter
    • 1 x Set of earbuds
    • 1 x Telephone recording kit
    • 1 x External microphone set
    • 1 x USB Cable


*Please note that digital phone lines may not all be supported