PE-MG DataDevil - Data Recovery STICK

PE-MG DataDevil - Data Recovery STICK

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Simply plug the device into your hard drive and perform a recovery of deleted data from any number of devices including camera’s, USB sticks, SD cards, and even the hard drive itself. The DataDevil will recover files which have been deleted form your recycle bin so even if someone deletes data permanently and empties the contents of the recycle bin on the PC, the data is still recoverable!

The DataDevil can recover deleted files from most devices which have a mass storage option. Many children, employees, and cheating partners rely on the function of deleting data to cover there tracks and avoid suspicion. The DataDevil can unearth the truths you have previously suspected and provide you with PROOF you need for the questions you have. The DataDevil is compatible with so many of today’s digital devices it will be very hard not to find some evidence which suggest you were right to be concerned in the first place!

Once plugged into your PC, the DataDevil will scan and search for mass storage options and if, for example, you had your camera/sd card/USB flash drive inserted, the Datadevil will give you the option of which mass storage device you would like to examine. If no other mass storage devices are plugged in, it will automatically scan your hard drive and recover the deleted files from its deleted memory folders.

The DataDevil is not just for spying. Almost anyone that uses a computer has accidentally deleted something they didn't want to. It's common knowledge that when you deleted something, even if you empty your Recycle Bin, the data is not gone. Deleted data can be recovered at any time as long as new data does not overwrite the old data. Imagine being able to recover the family photo album you accidentally deleted or being the hero at work by recovering that presentation deleted by the intern. Until now, deleted data recovery has been too complex for most computer users. Deleted data recovery is one of the cornerstones of computer forensics. In fact, theDataDevil Data Recovery Stick uses technology found in Paraben's advanced computer forensic software used by law enforcement and digital investigators for years. Now you have the power of deleted data recovery in an easy-to-use stick that even the most novice computer users can use.

Recover data from the following devices:

  • Hard Drives
  • M2
  • MMC
  • RS-MMC 
  • Memory Stick Pro
  • USB Drives
  • MiniSD 
  • MMCmobile
  • miniSDHC
  • Memory Stick Duo
  • CF Type I 
  • MicroSD
  • SDHC
  • microSDHC
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • CF Type II
  • MS
  • MMCplus
  • SD
  • Digital Cameras
  • MagicGate
  • MicroDrive
  • xD



1 Data Recovery Stick


Please note

  • The storage device you are recovering data from must be a physical drive. Some only give logical drive access and images cannot be recovered from such devices.
  • You must also have the proper media reader for some types of storage.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS