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The Camstick USB looks and functions like an ordinary flash drive. Yet this storage device conceals a DVR capable of recording both audio and quality color video. Hang on a lanyard for discreet recording at the office or school, or to covertly record as a secret shopper or personal investigator.

Motion activation mode.  This unit takes quality video and stills at 720 x 480 at 27 frames per second for clear, easily discernible stills and video.  The motion activation feature allows you to only capture video during the action, saving battery life and preventing you wasting hours sifting through footage of a silent empty room.

Portable and easy to use. The flash drive needs no cables or batteries, making perfect for the covert operative on the go.  It doesn't need to be plugged in.  Recording is as simple as a touch of the button.

Removable storage.  This gadget supports up to 32GB microSD cards for storing hours of footage.




    • Dual action USB flash drive and recorder
    • Easily plug into any computer to transfer files
    • No wires to set up or programs to download
    • Easy operation
    • Motion detection


Technical Specifications

    • Storage: microSD cards up to 32GB
    • Power supply: Internal Li-Ion battery
    • Resolution: 720 x 480 @ 27fps
    • Still image resolution: 1280 x 1024



    • 1 x Camstick USB
    • 1 x Instruction booklet
    • 1 x USB cord
    • 1 x Software disc